Old Sarum Analytics, LLC provides technical consulting services to government and commercial clients.  Specific areas of competency are program and project management, business development, local government management and business processes, aerospace payload design and development, and aerospace structures and propulsion.  Corporate headquarters is located in Madison, Alabama.

Almost all government and commercial entities are under pressure to streamline operations, cut costs, and improve the delivery of products and services.  Old Sarum Analytics assists organizations in optimizing their efficiency and cost effectiveness through systematic and objective ways of evaluating which structures and/or processes should be re-engineered and/or outsourced.  Old Sarum can provide customized solutions that resolve our clients’ challenges.

We are a company that is committed to providing professional services and solutions that exceed customer expectations.  We are driven by the desire to ensure customer satisfaction and by our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and the highest standard of business ethics.  Old Sarum Analytics combines the technical depth, breadth, and experience of a large firm with the responsiveness, efficiency, and personal service of a small firm.

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About The Logo

Current and prior customers include:

Alutiiq Diversified Services, LLC
Alutiiq Technical Services, LLC
U. S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

About The Logo

The name Old Sarum Analytics was chosen because of dedication to our deep-rooted traditional values of integrity, accuracy, and efficiency. Historic Old Sarum's influence continues today through the inheritance of the Sarum Rite, one of the wellsprings of modern Anglican Christianity.

Our logo is derived from the actual site of Old Sarum near Salisbury, England. The cruciform shape upon which the name is superimposed is a depiction of the foundation stones of Old Sarum Cathedral as it existed in the early 12th century.

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